Mezzi Paccheri | Pasta Alica


Mezzi paccheri lisci pasta is a wide hollowed out tube of pasta that is a shorter version of paccheri. It is the same diameter as paccheri but is only approximately 1 ¼ inches in length. The mezzi paccheri pasta itself is smooth with no ridges as opposed to mezzi paccheri rigati. This cut of pasta allows for the small tubes to be filled with things such as ricotta, or to be served with sauces such as tomato sauces, creamy sauces, and heavy sauces. Mezzi paccheri goes great with an array of ingredients like mushrooms or garlic. This pasta also pairs well with a variety of proteins such as sausage, bacon, calamari, and meat. This pasta is also perfect for baked recipes. Single pack of 500gr of smooth Alica paccheri halves produced with selected 100% Italian grains, bronze drawn at low temperature to keep intact all of the nutritional values ​​and healthy proteins of the durum wheat. Not only are these gourmet products Imported by us but also distributed by us, this guarantees you get the best quality overall, no matter the occasion.

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Produced and packed in Italy.

100% Italian Grains

500 Grams

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Weight 500 g