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Tortiglioni is a short tube-shaped pasta with a straight cut, this pasta stands out for their original and simple shape. Tortiglioni are a type of pasta, similar to rigatoni but larger and with deeper grooves which spiral around the pasta. They take their name from the Latin word torquere, which ultimately means “to twist”. It allows the sauce to remain both inside and outside of the pasta. This type of pasta combines perfectly with thick and rich sauces of meat or cheese with mushrooms. In turn, this pasta is also excellent for a variety of casseroles. This pasta also goes well with a variety of proteins such as sausage, salmon, beef, and chicken. This tortiglioni pasta is produced with hand selected 100% Italian grains, bronze drawn at low temperature to keep intact all the nutritional values ​​and healthy proteins of the durum wheat. Not only are these gourmet products Imported by us but also distributed by us, this guarantees you get the best quality overall, no matter the occasion.

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Produced and packed in Italy.

100% Italian Grains

500 Grams

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Weight 500 g